Outdoor Camping Made Simple


It is very simple to make a camping simple. We go for camping to get refreshed and remove the stress and enjoy the camping. For camping, you need not carry heavy luggage and camping equipment. To make the camping simple you can just avoid carrying camping equipment like tent, lantern, cooking stove, chuck box, sleeping bag and so on because this camping equipment will not make camping simple. Instead of using cooking stove you can make fire out of dry branches in fire or you can prepare food that does not require any cooking.

One of the camping tips is lantern is not essential because it cost high and fire will substitute the lantern. If you finish the work on time then additional light is not required. A tiny flash light is enough to provide light when you go away from the fire.

One of the camping tips is that the tent is required only if the weather condition is bad or if you choose a weekend camping. You can just get used to air mattress or chase lounge furniture. Another choice is you can pick is your car which will always be dry. Further, sleeping bags will keep you hot so it can be used only during winter camp.
One of the camping tips is foam pad or air mattress is enough for comfortable sleep in camping. The chuck box is not important equipment for camping.

Camping food

If required you can pick up a picnic container with very important materials for camping food. For camping food you can include cereals, yogurt and fruits and for lunch take chips, cookies, fruits along with sandwiches and have granola bars as well as fruits for snacks. For dinner camping food wrap the food in foil and cook it on fire, to make fire collect dry branches which have three inches in diameter or below to get good fire. While wrapping the potatoes cut it length wise and sprinkle water on it and then wrap it tightly with the tin foil so that the potatoes would be cooked well. Carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, and asparagus can also be cooked in this technique. If you cover the food with yarn before wrapping it with foil it gives you a better result. As water is poured the food gets cooked and not burnt.

While cooking uses the shovel and remove the coal aside and use this hot coal to cover the corn and other food item wrapped in foil to cook. Approximately it would take twenty to twenty-five minutes to cook then remove the food from the wrap and apply butter on it and serve.

If you are a meat eater then take a grill along with you.

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